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Charter Rates start at four thousand dollars per person per week with a minimum occupancy of six guests.  We provide specials at different times throughout the year, and also offer custom charters to those who would like to plan their own Alaskan experience. Rates include everything but your pajamas and toothbrush. Please visit our specials page to inquire about rates and pre-arraigned trips. 


To make reservations or inquire about a trip please visit our Reservations page.
Trips that are available are shown in blue, trips that are booked are shown in red. Many of the trips that we have planned on our calendar are suggestions. Our goal is to customize a trip that fits your needs, and dates. We look forward to working with you to plan your cruise.


Day 1

Leave Knudson Cove and travel to Port Stewart, a peaceful harbor that features both bears and crab.

Day 2

After enjoying a relaxing night in Port Stewart we will pull the crab pots and head for Moria Sound to view humpback whales and explore the bay with the kayaks and row boats. In addition, Moria Sound is great location for fresh shrimp and bear watching.

Day 3

Heading up Clarence Straits in the morning we will have the opportunity stop and catch some fresh fish for dinner. At the end of the day the boat will venture to Claude Point for a beautiful, quiet anchorage for the night.

Day 4

Leave in the morning and head for the Walker Cove in Misty Fjords. Misty Fjords is an unspoiled coastal ecosystem with extraordinary features including Fjords, steep sea cliffs, and natural canals. This untouched land features rich and fertile marine and freshwater environments. Along the way there is a nice seal haul out. Hopefully there will be bears in the creeks and goats on the hillsides.

Day 5

Next we will travel to Rudyerd Bay that is within the Misty Fjords National Monument. Your breath will be taken away by resounding cliffs that rise abruptly from a broken shoreline and majestic waterfalls that seem to fall from the heavens. Our tenders may escort you up the beautiful river, an ideal location to spot bears.

Day 6

After our exploration of Rudyerd Bay we will cruise over to New Eddystone Rock, a 237-foot-tall remnant core of an extinct volcano. Heading for Duke Island we will look for whales and sea lions, and may try for some halibut, in the flats. Our anchorage will be Kah Shakes Cove.

Day 7

Day seven will be our last full day. We will stop at a great place to beach comb and walk along the beach to an old abandoned Alaska Native village site. Cruising along the shoreline to our next anchorage, the intriguing Crazy Man Cove, there we will have the opportunity to view whales and sea lions.

Day 8

The trip will gradually come to a end as we head back home to Knudson Cove, arriving about noon.
This itinerary's offers many prospects including: great fishing, kayaking, nature viewing, hiking, and beach coming. However, it is our goal to provide a custom escape that fits your style.

We provide four 1-person Hobie Kayaks, two 2-person Hobie Kayaks, two Sunbaker 14' row boats, and two aluminum drop bow tenders [17' (prop) and 16' (jet)] to enjoy where ever we stop to explore!

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